Company: Four9s

Solution: SQL Server monitoring, alerting and analysis technology

Founded: 2019

Locations: Headquarter in Bilbao (País Vasco) and Madrid

CEO: Xabier Maribona

Four9s is a team of tremendous and experienced professionals capable of creating a all-in-one product that overcomes the existing limitations and deficiencies in classic database analysis and monitoring products. Their product offers to your organizations, regardless of their type or size, the ability to monitor and manage the performance of your production SQL Server environments.​

​Four9s may understand the problems of your business, interacting with your IT professionals, and with the guarantee of being totally focused on offering the best quality to our clients. The main features are: 

  • Real Time 5X: The only panel in Real Time with an analysis capacity 5 times higher than any other tool on the market.
  • Replay: Replay the status of the system at any time in the past while Four9s continues monitoring and collecting info​.
  • Alerts: Avoid incidents by setting your critical business alerts, which may cause service downtime​.
  • Mobile app: Resolve incidents anytime, anywhere, without the need to be physically in the office.

Four9s products

Four9s on Prem

Keep control of your SQL Server, easy installation and setup, everything stays in your infrastructure and all of your organization's data will remain in your data centers.  

Four9s para MSP

Designed for Managed Services Providers as a value added for your clients, keep control of your clients' business operations by installing Four9s in your data center, easy installation and setup. Quick access to your clients' SQL Server instances and contact our specialists to make you Managed Service Team life easier. 


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