Company: KELA

Solution: KELA gathers, detects, and analyzes intelligence from a curated set of Darknet sources, providing clients with fully targeted intelligence

Founded: 2009

Locations: Tel Aviv (Israel, HQ), New York and San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan) y London (UK)

CEO: Nir Barak

Darknet monitoring tailored to your organization, detecting threats specifically targeting your key assets. KELA gathers, detects, and analyzes intelligence from a curated set of Darknet sources, providing clients with fully targeted intelligence. Our intelligence experts assess and qualify threats, ensuring the intelligence is 100% actionable.

KELA’s mission is to provide 100% actionable intelligence on threats directly targeting clients. Our success is based on a unique integration of automated technology and qualified intelligence experts.

KELA provides intelligence on threats targeting our clients using an automated system that monitors a curated set of Darknet sources. Our intelligence experts review and analyze the threats, ensuring the data is 100% actionable.

KELA products


Automatic Targeted, Darknet Threat Intelligence. 

  • Real-Time Targeted Alerts: Automatic tracking and immediate notification of company-specific Darknet threats.
  • Multi-user Communication: Status filtering and a messaging board facilitate communication for organizations with multiple users.
  • Advanced Management Capabilities: Users gain full control over their intelligence, enabling customized management of the organization’s threat landscape.
  • Multilingual: Automatic scanning of Darknet sources in more than 100 languages.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Provides specific remediation recommendations for targeted Darknet threats.
  • Unified Intelligence: Featuring all available intelligence in a unified hub, providing a clear overview of everything that is going on.


Real-Time Dark Net Search Engine.

  • Quick Pivoting: Enables an optimized search process of all data.
  • Ongoing Source Addition: Access intelligence from database dumps, Telegram groups, botnet markets, hacking chatter and more, straight from KELA’s data lake.
  • Secured Searches: Conduct secured investigations without exposing your scope to KELA and obtain access to raw data straight from our data lake.
  • Real-Time Investigations: Perform in-depth investigations on any data point and access valuable results in real time.
  • Complex Queries: Allows users to perform complex query searches, and immediately retrieve relevant results.
  • Multiple Language Support: Search and access raw data in more than 100 languages, and auto-translate results.


MSSP Solution for Attack Surface Intelligence

  • Automated Attack Surface Intelligence
  • Real-Time Alerts: Proactively take action on intelligence to eliminate immediate risks.
  • Targeted & Actionable Intelligence: Monitor specific assets to receive only targeted and actionable intelligence.
  • Maintain a Reduced Attack Surface: Efficient detection of darknet threats helps users maintain a reduced attack surface.
  • Easily Integrates with Other Security Technologies
  • Simple Configuration: Simple to use and quick deployment for immediate monitoring of assets.



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