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Informática y Comunicaciones INGECOM, S.L. uses cookies on their websites to service our visitors in accordance with this cookie notice. You may find out more about this below.

If you do not accept the use of these cookies, please disable them following the instructions further down on this page or change your browser settings so cookies from this website cannot be sent and stored on your device.

About Cookies

An internet cookie is a small file that is sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer, tablet or mobile device storage when you visit a website. These are often anonymous and used for record-keeping purposes but can contain information about your visit to a particular website, like login status, personalization, and advertising preferences, etc.

Cookies have a predefined lifetime, after which they will be unusable and automatically deleted. Cookies may be either “persistent” or “session” cookies. A persistent cookie will be stored by the browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date unless deleted by the user before its expiry date. A session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user session when the web browser is closed.

Some extremely persistent cookies which may persist after removal are called “Evercookies”.

Use of Cookies

INGECOM does not use Evercookies. All of our cookies expire automatically, after which they will be deleted from your device. Our cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you, but personal information that we store about you may be linked, by us, to the information stored in and obtained from cookies. We may use the information we obtain from your use of our cookies for the following purposes:

  • to recognise your computer when you visit our website;
  • to improve the website’s usability;
  • to analyse the use of our website;
  • in the administration of this website;
  • Third party cookies

When you use our website, you may also be sent third party cookies. Our service providers may send you cookies. They may use the information they obtain from your use of their cookies:

  • to track your browser across multiple websites;
  • to build a profile of your web surfing;
  • to target advertisements which may be of particular interest to you.


Disabling and/or Deleting Cookies

Web browsers allow users to control or delete any or all cookies stored in the browser, this functionality is common in most browsers. Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies. For example:

  • in Internet Explorer you can refuse all cookies by clicking “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy”, and selecting “Block all cookies” using the sliding selector
  • in Firefox you can block all cookies by clicking “Tools”, “Options”, and un-checking “Accept cookies from sites” in the “Privacy” box.

Blocking all cookies will, however, have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites.

The method for cookie and information management differs between browsers, please choose your browser below and if you cannot find it e.g. it is a custom application, contact the publisher or device manufacturer:


List of Cookies

Our websites and services may use any or all of the below cookies:






This cookie is used for Google Analytics


3 Months


Past and active cookies

If you have disabled one or more Analytics or Content Cookies, we may still have information collected from unexpired cookies prior to your disabled preference being set. However, we will stop using any disabled cookies to collect any further information. Once any unexpired cookies have expired they will be deleted from your system.

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