Company: Zimperium

Solution: MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) technology. Security of mobile devices and applications

Founded: 2010 

Locations: Dallas (Texas, USA) (HQ) and office in San Francisco (California, USA).

CEO: Shridhar Mittal


Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile device and app security, offering real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats on Android, iOS and Chromebook endpoints. The company was founded under the premise that the then current state of mobile security was insufficient to solve the growing mobile security problem. At the time, most mobile security was a port from traditional endpoint security technologies.

Zimperium recognized mobile devices had unique characteristics needing a completely new approach. The team set to work to reimagine how to protect mobile devices and developed the award winning, patented z9 machine learning-based engine. z9 protects mobile devices from device, network, phishing and application attacks. And as first envisioned, z9 has detected 100% of zero-day mobile exploits in the wild without requiring an update or suffering from the delays and limitations of cloud-based detection—something no other mobile security provider can claim.

Zimperium products

z9: Machine Learning-based Technology

z9™ is the revolutionary Mobile Threat Defense engine developed by our team of advanced mobile security researchers and developers at Zimperium. z9™ uses machine learning to detect device, network, phishing and application mobile attacks on-device and in real time. The z9™ engine was specifically developed for mobile, not ported from traditional endpoint security, to guard against the unique threats targeting iOS , Android and Chromebook devices. z9™ runs efficiently on-device, without introducing latency or violating user privacy.

zIPS: Mobile Device Protection

The only machine learning-based, on-device mobile security solution purpose built for enterprise organizations. zIPS provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access similar to next generation endpoint protection (EPP) solution’s on traditional endpoints: On-device, Machine Learning-based Detection; Powered By Unparalleled Mobile Threat Research; and Protects Managed & BYOD Devices.

z3A: Advanced App Analysis

Identify Security and Privacy Risks across millions of iOS and Android applications. Every day 6,000 new applications are added to Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. It's impossible for any security professional to keep up with the volume of new apps potentially entering their environment. Zimperium's Advanced App Analysis (z3A) continuously monitors and evaluates mobile applications. The analysis delivers to the security professional: detailed App Privacy & Risk Analysis; catalog Includes Millions of Apps & Growing; and advanced Content, Intent and Context Insights.


Protect Your Residents Against Mobile Threats. In today’s highly digital and social world, mobile devices connect your residents to the vital services you provide to better their lives and livelihood. But mobile devices are vulnerable to attacks. This puts your residents at risk especially when cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly frequent, sophisticated and impactful. Successful cyber attacks on residents can have ramifications well beyond just their personal lives in today’s hyper connected world.

MAPS: Mobile Application Protection Suite

The only complete mobile application protection solution. Organizations developing mobile apps are keenly aware they need to secure those apps. Mobile apps are increasingly more sophisticated, processing more sensitive personal and corporate information than ever before. An unintentional error in coding could lead to a major security breach.

To prevent a breach from occurring, development and security teams need visibility throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). Unfortunately, their efforts have been hindered by a highly fragmented set of app security solutions and no visibility into threats on end-user devices. Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) addresses both problems so your organization can avoid: data breaches or fraud due to attacks or through reverse engineering; damages to your company's reputation and bottom line, resulting from private information being leaked; and regulatory fines resulting from not being compliant or because of a breach.

Mobile Threat Advisory Services

Zimperium's Mobile Threat Advisory Service provides meaningful insights to executives like CISOs, CIOs and also Security Ops teams to effectively protect the enterprise. The service provides the following benefits: measurable visibility to the organizations mobile risk posture and trends; gain insights into key focus areas with actionable recommendations from specialists who can augment your capabilities; ready to consume reports for both executives and security operations; review your mobile security posture against global trends; and periodically review findings with our specialists.


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