Company: Viewtinet

Solution: Analytics solutions and Networks Intelligence

Locations: Madrid

Viewtinet Software products are uniquely engineered and positioned to allow enterprises to have detailed and real time information about all the aspects of the network. The key value of the technology is parallel processing massive data in real time from multiple sources with extreme high performance. Although the existence of commonly used predefined dashboards, our customers enjoy the great flexibility that Viewtinet offers to benefit of own-made customized dashboards. Every company is different and Viewtinet adapts to each use case to take the most out of the data. Viewtinet is the leader company in integrating any data source, in any format in the IT/OT/IoT ecosystem.

Viewtinet solutions 

Viewtisight (Big data y Business Intelligence)

Viewtisight is the core product of Viewtinet. It covers all the layers involved in data adquisition (smart data broker), storage (high performance data base) and Business Intelligence. It will provide all the reporting via an easy to use graphical user interface. Integrate Log Data with Viewtilog like Netflow, Syslog, SNMP, WMI, APIs, CDRs, XMLs, CSVs etc. and integrate Wire Data with Viewtimon for a 360º view of the newtork.

Viewtilog (Ingest and Normalize IT/OT/IoT Data)

Automatic data ingestion from any data source. Deploying an analytics tool has never been so easy. Forget about difficult, long and expensive integration projects. Viewtilog integrates any data source from IT, OT and IoT environments. Viewtilog integrates all type of records, registers, and logs: SNMP, Netflow (JFlow, SFlow, etc.), Syslog, WMI, API, CDRs (Call Detail Records), CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

Viewtimon (Network Performance Monitoring)

Have complete visibility and understanding about everything that is happening in your network: connections, packets, troughput, volume, IP origin and destination, port origin and destination, etc. Benefit of having all the insights about the network and applications performance. Viewtimon brings by default a rich set of Quality of Experience metrics such as: Round Trip Time, End-to-End Latency, HTTP Session Time (TTL), HTTP Setup Time, VoIP (MOS, Jitter, SIP ladder, etc), and many more.

Viewtify (TCP and Web Optimization)

Viewtify allows to generate the classficiation rules according to many different variables: protocol, port, port range, IP, IP range, application, VLAN, Subnet, time, etc. One of the value added functionalities of having a QoS dedicated appliance is its capacity to define many different types of rules. These rules can be applied for inbound traffic, outbound traffic, or the same for both senses: min rate, max rate, priority queue, drop, normal QoS or no QoS. 


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